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    Havana Club Reserva Extreme Smoothness

    Havana Club Reserva is a savoury and exceptionally smooth blend of carefully crafted aged rums, selected to combine a smooth flavour with a light aroma.


    Reserva is the result: a rum that is older than Havana Club 3 Year Old, but younger than 7 – the best of both worlds. It is a testament to the smoothness of Cuban blended rums – an age-old art perfected through generations of the island’s best Master Rum-Makers.

    Havana Club Reserva mixes an exceptional Cuba Libre and works best in other similar premium cocktails.


    Tasting Notes


    A warm and radiant amber.


    Integrated aromas of pear and light tobacco introduce a more robust bouquet made of wooden notes, as a result of the natural ageing.


    Havana Club Reserva is a strongly flavoured rum and opens up complex, lasting notes of cacao, coffee, tobacco and spices. It is characterised by an exceptional roundness and smoothness.

    Havana Club añejo Reserva 40% ABV

      Per 10 gr of alcohol  Per 5 cl serving
    Alcohol 3,15 cl 15,9 g
    Calories (Kcal) 71 113
    Fat (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Saturates (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1
    Carbs (g) 0,13 0,21
    Proteines (g) Inferior a 0,1 Inferior a 0,1