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    Havana Club Rum: Aged Rum - It's About Time


    Crafted with the utmost respect for Cuban Rum tradition, the art of Añejamiento – or ‘ageing’ – is at the heart of all Havana Club rums, creating their unique appearance, aroma and taste.

    Does it take longer? Yes. Is it worth it? We think so.

    Our Master Rum-Maker uses their trained nose and palate to carefully sample and select a variety of aged rum bases to be blended and bottled. The age displayed on our bottles reflects the youngest base chosen for blending, not the average or oldest like many others rums. So when we say the youngest rum in our portfolio is Havana Club 3 Year Old, you can be guaranteed that every single drop has been aged for 3 years or longer.

    The “Isle of Rum”

    Cuba has become known as the "Isle of Rum", due to a combination of world-famous sugar cane, a favourable Caribbean climate, fertile soil, and the know-how of our Master Rum-Makers.

    The outstanding tropical temperatures actually speeds the ageing process, resulting in rich and bold flavours in a shorter period of time than in colder climates.

    How is rum made?

    The mixing, aging, and blending process of each of our rums is a closely guarded secret, but they all embody the same core characteristics that make Havana Club rum the choice of those in the know.

    Every Havana Club Rum begins with:

    Some of the best sugar cane in the world, thanks to Cuba’s climate and soil conditions. Sugar cane is harvested from December to March each year.


    Juice, called guarapo, is extracted from the sugar cane in metal presses. This juice is boiled to make molasses.


    The molasses is fermented. After 24 hours of fermenting, we are left with a sugar cane wine, or vino de cava.
    The fermented liquid is distilled in heated, copper-lined columns. After it is distilled it is a clear and fiery liquid, or ‘rum-to-be’ called aguardiente.


    The aguardiente is aged in white oak barrels. The choice of barrels is crucial, because the wood gives appearance, aroma and taste to the liquid.

    Maestros Roneros – Master Rum-Makers

    The Maestros Roneros, (Master Rum-Makers) are responsible for the rum making process from beginning to end. They ensure the perfect quality of blending and ageing with passion, patience, precision and care for Cuban rum making traditions.

    15 years of training is required to become a Maestro Ronero; this is the time needed for the most experienced rum makers to pass down their knowledge to younger generations. Together they keep the secrets of one of Cuba's true treasures, guaranteeing the respect of rum making tradition and the exceptional quality of Havana Club rum.