Rum education

Havana Club Rum: Aromatic notes so enticing, you may need to remind yourself it’s made to taste.


By ageing our rum in warehouses just outside of the city of Havana, the spirit is able to soak up the surrounding climate and culture. In our younger rums, aromatic notes of vanilla, caramelized pear, banana and hints of smoked oak are present. As the rum is left to age longer, it will capture intense and complex notes of cocoa, vanilla, cedar, tobacco and lush tropical fruits.

Aroma and Cocktails

Even the subtlest aromas of rum impact a cocktail. Light aromas of Havana Club 3 Year Old add a layer of complexity to mojitos and daiquiris that unaged rum simply can’t.

Intense aromas of Havana Club 7 Year Old are reminiscent of whisky, and can be consumed neat, or balanced with a richer mix like ginger beer, where the scent is able to blossom.

Be sure to engage your nose as well as your mouth. It will help confirm whether you’re drinking high quality rum.