Rum education

Havana Club Rum: The choice is clear, your rum shouldn't be.


While ageing in oak barrels, natural tannins in the wood colour and flavour our rums, developing the spirit from a white rum, to a light rum with a golden tint that will further develop into a rich amber the longer it is left to age.

Colour and Cocktails

Simply put: the colour of a rum should hint at the taste. The lighter the colour, the lighter the taste, and younger the rum. The darker the colour, the heavier/richer the taste, and the older the rum.

Ultimately, rum with even the slightest golden tint indicates that care and time were spent ageing the spirit in barrels to create quality rum. What does this mean for you? If you want a quality cocktail, use a quality rum.


Light Rums

Light rums like Havana Club 3 Year Old are good for classic Cuban cocktails because the lighter, fruity taste perfectly balances the lime and sugar found in mojitos and daiquiris.


Dark Rums

Darker rums like Havana Club 7 Year Old and Havana Club Reserva both have a warm, dazzling amber or mahogany colour. Richer colour means a richer, more intense flavour, so they are better suited for bolder cocktails or simply over ice.