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  • A Taste OF Havana Party

    | By Donnie Wheeler

    In partnership with Notable.ca, we brought A Taste of Havana to downtown Toronto. At the trendy THR & Co., all stops were pulled to provide the most authentic Cuban experience, all the way up here in the great white north. 

    With guidance from myself and a team of trained mixologists, we set up three Make Your Own stations, for partygoers to craft their aged rum cocktail of choice. The Mojito station was expectedly popular, but the Cuba Libre and Old Fashioned stations really showcased how eager people are to experience the versatility of Havana Club Rum in specialty cocktails.  


    Of course, for the purists, the main bar featured the previously mentioned cocktails, expertly prepared by the pros. Also on the menu: the classic Hemmingway Daiquiri, for the deep thinkers in attendance. 

    The cigar rolling station was a sight to see, and a treat for those who (like me) enjoy kicking back with a stogie and a cocktail. For many in attendance, this was their introduction to cocktail and cigar pairings, and their first time experiencing the new breadth of flavours it draws. Add to that the infectious Cuban music that flooded the venue, and at times, even I forgot which city we were really in. 

    Laughs were shared, cocktails enjoyed, connections made, and the rain outside was all but forgotten – all was right in the world.

    We hope you were able to attend A Taste of Havana with us. If not, we invite you to experience what you missed with your own authentic aged rum cocktail.